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About YC

           Guangdong Shunde Yongchen Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a set of scientific research, sales, investment in one of the environmental protection and energy-saving manufacturing enterprises. It is located in Shunde, Guangdong, enjoying the reputation of "home appliance capital". Near the 105 National Highway, Guangzhou Zhuhai Expressway and Buddha Kai expressway, transportation makes the development of Jie and logistics.
           Since its establishment in 2006, the company has always adhered to the innovative line of "scientific and technological innovation leads the development of the industry", with a strong research team composed of many engineers, strong technical strength, and successively obtained a number of national patents with independent intellectual property rights. Yongchen pays attention to details, and strives for perfection. The company has passed the ISO 9001 quality system certification and ISO 14001 environmental system certification successively. The products have 3C, CQC, wading batches and other authoritative certification at home and abroad.

           In 2008 Yongchen independently developed and produced campus drinking water equipment by the CPC Central Committee Concerned about the Next Generation Work Committee China Campus Health Drinking Water Project Office leadership approval and approval, the company was licensed as "China Campus Health Drinking Water Project" campus drinking water equipment production base. After a series of ups and downs, Yongchen has won many honorary titles with its leading technology, high-quality products and funny services: high-tech enterprises, excellent quality brand teachers'units, top ten brand units in the industry, well-known brand demonstration enterprises, quality and reputation brand units, integrity brand enterprises and so on.
          Good water machine, choose Yong Chen, enjoy healthy life! Yongchen will continue to uphold the entrepreneurship concept of "saving energy, protecting the environment, improving water quality and benefiting the society", take market demand as the guide, rely on technological innovation, take good quality as the life, and constantly launch stable, safe and efficient energy-saving drinking water products to meet the growing maturity of the broad masses of consumers of healthy drinking water. Demand. Yongchen, with a high sense of social responsibility, wholeheartedly serves the public, popularizes the new concept of healthy drinking water, and joins hands with all walks of life to create a healthy and beautiful new life!

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